Surge of Power
Source of Continuous

Surge of Power Source of Continuous


Surge of Power Source of Continuous



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Product Parameters

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Big power


Large Electricty


Wireless Charging Output

12V 5A 60W*2

DC Output Port

Strict Quality Inspection
Strength Certification Guaranteed

Pass third-party safety testing, strict control of quality trust

Product Application

High power of 18650 ternary lithium battery

High performance, high safety with the pure sin wave that no damage to electrical appliances.The battery cycle life time can be up to 800 times.

Hard-core Powerhouse
Aesthetic Details

Smart Sensing Wireless Charging

Take and go at any time to charge, put it on and start charging without data cable

The Back is Equipped with LED Lights

3 Modes: Constant light, intense light and SOS distress light

Best 4s Battery LiPo Battery Charger

Product Size

Best 4s Battery LiPo Battery Charger


Model                    ZH-P1200                                ZH-P600

AC Output            220V-50Hz 1200W                 220V-50Hz 600W

Battery Capacity   1065Wh(288000mAh)      639Wh(172800mAh)

Output waveform    Pure sin wave(No damage to electrical appliances)

USB Port    5V 2.4A 12W*2

Fast Charging USB Port    18W fast charging port*2

Fast Charging Type-C    PD45W fast charging*1   PD100W Bi-directional fast charging*1

Car charging   120W 12V 10A*1

DC Output Port  12V 5A 60W*2

Wireless Charging Output   15W*1

Dimension   340*213*208mm                   340*213*208mm

Weight          Above 9KG                           Above 6.8KG