Wholesale VTOL Drone Battery: Addressing the Unique Needs

The Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) drone industry has rapidly evolved, offering diverse applications across sectors like surveillance, logistics, agriculture, and emergency response. However, one of the primary challenges faced by this sector is the power supply – an issue that directly affects flight time, payload capacity, and overall efficiency. CIFIV, a leading VTOL drone battery manufacturer, has emerged as a key player, introducing innovative lithium-ion batteries to address these crucial industry needs.

The Power Predicament in VTOL Drones — Best VTOL Drone Battery

VTOL drones demand high energy density, reliable power sources, and lightweight yet durable batteries to enable extended flight times. Traditional batteries often fall short of meeting these demands, limiting the operational capabilities of VTOL drones. CIFIV recognized this gap and sought to engineer a solution that aligns with the unique requirements of VTOL technology.

CIFIV’s Smart Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery — Best VTOL Drone Battery

CIFIV’s lithium-ion batteries present a groundbreaking solution to the power challenge faced by VTOL drones. These smart rechargeable batteries are designed to offer superior performance, safety, and longevity, catering specifically to the VTOL industry’s needs.

Advanced Features Tailored for VTOL Drones — Best VTOL Drone Battery

  1. Smart Rechargeability: The lithium-ion batteries by CIFIV feature 4C fast charging capabilities, ensuring quick and efficient power replenishment for VTOL drones. This feature significantly reduces downtime, enabling more flight hours.
  2. Safety Protections: These batteries come equipped with multiple safety protections, including safeguards against over-current, over-charge, over-temperature, and safety cut-off. Such robust safety measures ensure the longevity of the batteries and enhance the overall safety of the drones during operation.
  3. Advanced Chips: CIFIV’s batteries utilize advanced chip technology, offering comprehensive protection against risks such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, short circuit, and reverse polarity. This level of safety and reliability is essential for the uninterrupted performance of VTOL drones.

Battery Specifications — Best VTOL Drone Battery

Model BTM 1216 BTM 1220 BTM 1222
Battery Capacity 16000mAh 20000mAh 22000mAh
Charging Limit Voltage 50.4V 50.4V 50.4V
Cycle Life ≥ 650 times ≥ 650 times ≥ 650 times
Balanced Interface MX3.0-16Pin MX3.0-16Pin MX3.0-16Pin
Nominal Voltage 44.4V 44.4V 44.4V
Standard GB31241-2014 GB31241-2014 GB31241-2014
Dimension 162.5106.5238.5mm 162.5106.5238.5mm 162.5106.5238.5mm
Weight 4750g 4750g 4750g

How CIFIV Solves VTOL Drone Power Challenges — Best VTOL Drone Battery

CIFIV’s lithium-ion batteries directly address the pressing needs of the VTOL drone industry in several ways:

1. Extended Flight Time and Efficiency — Best VTOL Drone Battery

By offering higher energy densities and reliable power sources, CIFIV’s batteries significantly extend the flight time of VTOL drones. This improvement is critical in sectors like agriculture, where longer flight times translate to more ground covered and enhanced data collection.

2. Enhanced Payload Capacity — Best VTOL Drone Battery

The lightweight yet robust design of these batteries empowers VTOL drones to carry more payload without compromising flight performance. This is vital in applications like logistics, allowing drones to transport heavier loads efficiently.

3. Safety and Reliability — Best VTOL Drone Battery

With multiple safety protections and advanced chip technology, CIFIV’s VTOL Drone Battery ensures the safe and reliable operation of VTOL drones. This is especially crucial in sectors like emergency response, where dependable drone performance can make a significant difference.

VTOL drone battery

4. The Future of VTOL Drone Power

CIFIV’s lithium-ion batteries stand as a beacon of innovation in the VTOL drone industry. As technology continues to evolve, the demand for more efficient, lighter, and durable power solutions will only intensify. CIFIV’s commitment to addressing these needs positions them as a frontrunner in shaping the future of VTOL drone power.

Steps to Wholesale VTOL Drone Batteries from CIFIV

Now, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of wholesale ordering from CIFIV:

1. Contact Information — Best VTOL Drone Battery

To initiate the wholesale ordering process, you can contact CIFIV through the following contact details:

Tel: +86(755)23774689

Fax: +86(755)29177880

Phone: +86 19129363814

2. Initial Inquiry — Best VTOL Drone Battery

After your initial contact with CIFIV, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the wholesale ordering process. They will answer any questions, provide product details, and discuss customization options.

3. Product Selection — Best VTOL Drone Battery

Once you’ve discussed your specific requirements with your account manager, you can select the VTOL drone batteries that best suit your needs. CIFIV offers a variety of options with different capacities, voltages, and sizes to accommodate various drone models and applications.

4. Customization (Optional) — Best VTOL Drone Battery

If you require customized VTOL drone batteries to fit your specific drone model or application, CIFIV’s engineering team will work closely with you to design and manufacture batteries tailored to your requirements.

5. Pricing and Quotation — Best VTOL Drone Battery

Your account manager will provide you with a detailed quotation based on the selected products, quantities, and customization options. The pricing will be competitive and favorable for wholesale buyers.

6. Sample Orders (Optional) — Best VTOL Drone Battery

If you’re uncertain about placing a large wholesale order upfront, you can request sample orders to evaluate the product quality and performance. CIFIV will provide you with sample batteries for testing and assessment.

7. Payment Terms — Best VTOL Drone Battery

CIFIV offers flexible payment terms to accommodate your financial preferences. These terms will be discussed and agreed upon during the ordering process.

8. Bulk Order Placement — Best VTOL Drone Battery

Once you are satisfied with the product quality, pricing, and terms, you can proceed to place your bulk order. Your account manager will guide you through the necessary paperwork and logistics.

9. Shipping and Delivery — Best VTOL Drone Battery

CIFIV has experience in international shipping and logistics. They will ensure your VTOL drone batteries are safely transported to your desired location, whether it’s a local warehouse or a distribution center.

10. After-Sales Support — Best VTOL Drone Battery

CIFIV offers excellent after-sales support to address any questions or issues that may arise post-purchase. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale.


The evolution of the VTOL drone industry heavily relies on technological advancements in power solutions. CIFIV’s VTOL Drone Battery not only meets the demanding requirements of this sector but also paves the way for further innovation and growth. As the industry continues to expand, reliable and efficient power solutions like those provided by CIFIV will play an integral role in its progress.